266ml 3M AR-100 ANTI RUST
266ml 3M AR-100 ANTI RUST


266ml 3M AR-100 ANTI RUST


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3M™ AR-100 Anti-Rust Lubricant has five integrated functions - anti-rust, loosens rust, lubricates, cleans and displaces moisture. It is a non-animal fat and non-silicon based product. 3M™ AR-100 Anti-Rust Lubricant has anti-corrosion properties and can be used for the maintenance of mechanical & electrical apparatus or vehicles. It protects electrical equipment against corrosion, lubricates and protects metallic surfaces to extend equipment service life.

Variety Function:
1) Inhibits Rust • Strong affinity with metallic surfaces • Forms a thin and dense protective film on the surface • Isolates outside air and moisture to prevent rusting

2) Loosens Rusted Parts • Penetrates interior rusty layers • Disintegrates rust particles and other sediment

3) Reduces and Silences Squeaks • Maintains long term lubrication

4) Displacing Moisture • Excellent water-repellency • Removes moisture from the surface and forms a protective film

5) Cleans, Lubricates and Protects Metal Surfaces • Penetrates pores of the surface directly • Removes a variety of oil impurities adhering on the surface • Forms a protective film and maintains long-term lubrication • Prevents corrosion damage on metal surfaces

6) Surface Tolerant • pH 7.1 (Close to neutral) • pH 7.1 • Does not damage the metal

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